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Tutorial for Grandma’s House


(Video is under production. This is the WIP Manuscript)

For more info, head over the website and check the Frequently Asked Questions section, and if you can’t find an answer there, do Ctrl +F in the #questions channel on our discord.

Welcome to Grandma’s House!

Whether you are new here, and wondering where to begin, or an oldie who is in doubt about  something, welcome to this basic guide to Grandma’s House.

This video is optional to playing on Grandma's, and you can flip through chapters as you please

This will cover the core functions of the server, as of the time of this video’s release. What I will be going through today is not everything you can do, and things might have changed when you’re watching this. You can keep up with that in the change log and announcement channels in our discord. Furthermore you can search up the questions channel in the discord, and check out the Frequently Asked Questions on our website.

Now let’s begin.

About plugins and Basic Commands

A plugin is like a mod that you don’t have to download.

Instead, the server handles it all. We have around 50, handling protection, economy, cosmetics, quality of life and more

You will likely encounter some of them while playing, so let’s get started with the basic commands!

/msg Player blabla

Sends a private message to a person

Important information to observe here, is that most commands on the server, will give you suggestions, if you simply add a space to your commands.

/r blabla

Reply to the latest private message


Will take you to Planet Minecraft, where you can put in your minecraft username, and gain rewards in-game. Voting helps getting more people to the server, and lets the server stay relevant for new people, so we appriate every single one of them.


Gets you to the discord server


Gets you around Grandma’s central locations


Teleports you right back to where it all began


Teleports you to a random location

Extra Commands


send Player blabla

Contacts an offline player


transfer a pet to someone else


lists the chatfeelings

/marry Player

More on that in the MarriageHall


Shows you the rules. Wonder what they are? Check the next hologram!

Protecting your builds

To protect you from griefers, we have the plugin CrashClaims

A claim protects you from griefers, and only you can build on your claim... maybe also your friends

You go into claim mode with /claim

Then, decide a rectangular area that covers what you want to protect.

Then, you left click two opposite corners of that rectangle to create a claim.

If you have enough in-game money for it, a claim will be created.

To resize, you simply do /claim again, and click the corner you want to move.

Our claims are two-dimensional, meaning that everything from bedrock to build limit is within the claim.

Now, say you wanna let a friend build in your claim! To do so, you must stand inside your claim and open the /claimsettings

The menu is very intutitive, so in this case, you can best learn what it does by exploring it by yourself. If you’re just looking to add someone to your claim, go to player settings, then find your friend’s face on the list, and then tick the little box that allows them build rights. There are a bunch more advanced settings for the nerds, those should be pretty intuitive.

Money! Money! Money!

This server has its own in-game currency system.

You can obtain money primarily through voting, selling items, and winning chatgames.

You can spend them on items, claim blocks, ranks, flytime and more

Your current balance shows in the tablist and you can give money away using /pay

Shops, Markets, Towns, Pwarps

Now, you have obtained goods and you want to sell something.

Shops are fairly simple. Punch a chest while holding the item you wish to sell, and the plugin will guide you through the rest.

You can also use barrels, and even ender chests.

To buy from someone’s shop, simply punch the sign.

To edit one of your own shops, right click.

Restock the shop by refilling the chest and break the chest to remove shop

To add a player as Staff to your shop, look at your shop and run /qs staff add

To remove them, run /qs staff remove

You can also use /qs staff clear to remove all Staff-members from your shop.

Some basic shop commands:

/qs create

will set a shop with item in hand

/qs find

Used to looking for a shop

/qs price X

Will change the price to X on the shop you are pointing at

/qs remove

Removes the shop manually, without breaking the chest.


Player Warps are like Warps, but for players! They are publicly available locations, that anyone on the server can teleport to at any time. This may be useful to have if you have a town, a market or a public farm.

You obtain a pwarp by standing where you want it teleport people to, and then type out /pw set

Setting a pwarp costs in-game money, currently 475k. As that is subject to change, you can always check out in the pwarp menu by hovering over the book.

You can visit other pwarps at /pw and you can checkout the full list of commands on the plugin site, which will be listed in the description below.


Ranks are achievable with in-game currency or via donating on the website.

Each rank has unique perks, and there are many of them.

I will list some notable rank commands, but you can find the full version on the website or by doing /perks in-game.

/kit /petblock /fly /headdb /head /feed /walkspeed /itemname /dis /pweather /trails /ptime /launch


Elevators are made with a block match from the /elevator list

To create an elevator, start by choosing a component from the list provided, for this example I’ll use X, and I want 3 floors. To make this work, you must place the three components at the same location on each floor. As soon as a component is directly above or below a copy of the same component, the elevator makes itself. No commands needed. You go up by jumping, and down by sneaking.

World Generation

Grandma’s current world is originally from 1.17 and is divided into different generations.

Zone 1

Within 5000 blocks from spawn, above Y-level 0, you find custom terrain from Terra v5 (1.17) as well as our own unique ore generation.

Zone 2

Within 5000 blocks from spawn, below Y-level 0. you find vanilla caves filled in after we updated from 1.17 to 1.18

Zone 3

Outside 5000 blocks from spawn, from top to bottom, there is pure vanilla 1.18 terrain until the current world border 7000.

As I am writing the script for this video, 1.19 is glooming on the horizon, so join the discord to know what we’ll decide to do on that!

Name and Pronouns

As an LGBTQ+ server, where a good portion of the players and the moderation team are trans, it’s important for us to avoid misgendering.

This, we have the pronouns plugin for!

To set your pronouns, the command is /pronouns set

If you have more than one preffered pronoun, or you’re using a neopronoun, worry not, as the plugin can handle that too.

Example, if I want to set my pronouns as he, they and she, I go /pronouns set he they she

The first two pronouns will show, when hovering over your name in the chat. These act as your primary pronouns, and the rest of the list can be seen when someone checks your pronoun list with the command /pronouns

And now for the nickname!

Some ranks can set a nickname, which will show up in-game instead of their username.

To set a nickname, the command is simply /nick

Note, that your nickname can’t have spaces or special characters. Example, I want to name myself Luna Robin, I will have to go LunaRobin. You can however, have underscores in your name

Now, you can also add COLOR to your nickname, using the CMI Hex code system.

Hex Code is a Hashtag put together with 6 letters or numbers, that indicate a precise mix of red (RR), green (GG) and blue (BB).

To find hex codes, you can simply google ”hex color” and there should be a gazillion tools out there.

The hex code of the lilac in grandma’s logo for example, is #ca8bff

To use this colour in a nickname, you need to get out the fancy brackets {} and place them around the hex code.


Then, place that right before where you want to colour your name. This tells the plugin ”colour my name from there, and dont stop until the name ends”

You can add more colours by this same principal, simply adding another color code where you want the second color to start.

Fore more info on colours: